3 Fun Limo Birthday Party Ideas for Teenage Girls

3 Fun Limo Birthday Party Ideas for Teenage Girls

Thinking of a new way to celebrate your birthday each year is always an exciting and fun thing to do. Sometimes you would feel the need to top last year’s celebration by going all out this year. What better way to celebrate your birthday than renting a limousine?

Here are some fun limo birthday party ideas that you can do:

1. Have a formal dinner.
Invite a few of your close friends for a formal dinner. Book a reservation on an upscale restaurant that you and your friends don’t usually go to. Once you have the restaurant set up, you can make a reservation for a super stretch limousine for 6-8 people. Ask them to dress up for the night. Rent the limousine for four or six hours. On the way to the restaurant, you can start partying inside the limo. Give each guest a party hat and other fun party stuff before they enter the limo, play some music, and take lots of pictures.

2. Enjoy a city tour.
If you live in a place surrounded by museums, art galleries, and theme parks, then it would be a fun way to drive around in a limo and stop by to each of these interesting landmarks. Plan your itinerary ahead of time. Make sure that you estimate the time travel time and the time it’s going to take for you to look around the place. Once you have the total hours, make a reservation for a stretch limo, give them the pickup and drop off addresses. To make it more interesting, print your itinerary on a card and give them out to the guests as they enter the limo or you can make this as your invitation card. It will also serve as a unique souvenir.

3. Get yourself pampered.
If you want a more relaxing day on your birthday that doesn’t require a lot of planning, you and your friends can simply rent a limo for a couple of hours to drop you off in one of the well-known day spa. You can have a good hour-long massage, get your nails done, or get a facial. Take a lot of pictures most especially after you’ve had the massage or the mani-pedi. That will make you all looking fresh and happy. Once the pictures are printed, choose the best one, edit it to make it like a birthday souvenir, and give them out to your friends.

These three ideas are fun and quite easy to plan and organize. When choosing what activities you can do for your birthday, think of your guests as well. Think about what your friends like doing so all of you will have a great time. Plan ahead of time and do your research. In this way you can find the best deals in limousine rentals, tickets, and party accessories.