The Great Pyramid – A Chronograph in Stone

The Great Pyramid – A Chronograph in Stone

From the revelation of the Pyramid’s Chronograph, we knew 35 years ago that the Great Pyramid was erected during the last quarter of the 27th century B.C., with the work beginning in 2623 B.C. At that time the World’s leading Egyptologists thought that we Pyramidologists were some centuries in error in regard to the time of the Great Pyramid’s construction and Khufu’s (Cheop’s) reign, which they considered as occurring at a much earlier date. This was many years before the science of radioactivity determination of chronology was discovered in 1945, yet when the new scientific test (c-14) was applied to the wood of Khufu’s great ship (discovered at the base of the Great Pyramid in 1954), the date revealed was 2600 B.C.

This truly grand result was a great thrill to Pyramidologists, for the precise date of 2600 B.C turns out to be the very year of the death of Khufu in accordance with the Great Pyramid’s Chronograph. In the early years of the previous century, the Egyptologists were some hundreds of years in error in this matter is however no discredit to them, for, in the circumstances, they did the best they could with the very limited information then available.

On the other hand, there is no credit due to us Pyramidologists, who simply read what the Great Pyramid’s Chronograph has recorded. All the credit goes to the great Designer of the Great Pyramid, the Great Architect of the Universe. So, today, there is no longer conflict with Egyptologists, but co-ordination with them, in regard to the chronology of that remote period.

Then again, until very recently, most of the recognized leading authorities in Egyptology and Biblical Archeology placed the Exodus in the 13th century before Christ. The Pyramid’s Chronograph, on the other hand, gives a date in the 15th century B.C., namely 1435 B.C. But the mass of exceedingly important information unearthed by the excavations at Hazor has revolutionized the authorities’ ideas on the date of the Exodus, which they now admit was round the middle of the 15th Century B.C., as recorded long ago by the Pyramid’s Chronograph, notwithstanding that the Great Pyramid was built over 1,000 years before the Exodus took place.

Furthermore, since the beginning of this century, leading authorities on the New Testament Chronology have given the date A.D. 29 or 30 as that of the Crucifixion of Christ, but at last, in the light of present day knowledge, those dates are being abandoned in favor of A.D 33, the date revealed by the Pyramid’s Chronograph for that event, as leading Pyramidologists have declared for well over half-a-century. This is all the more wonderful in view of the fact that the Great Pyramid was built over 2,600 years before Christ lived on Earth! No purely human power could possibly have foretold this with such perfect precision so many centuries beforehand.

Even the time of the celestial phenomenon which astronomically fixes the entire chronograph of the Great Pyramid was determined from the Pyramid itself many years before the science of astronomy had sufficiently advanced to enable astronomers to do so on purely astronomical grounds. The said phenomenon was the simultaneous alignment of a Draconis (the Dragon Star) with the bore of the Entrance Passage of the Pyramid and the Pleiades (in Taurus) with the unique “Scored Lines” in that Passage. Well Over 100 years ago Sir John Herschel calculated the date of that stellar alignment as 2160 B.C., (+-) 30 years, i.e., between 2190 B.C. and 2130 B.C. This result, with possible range of error extending 60 years, is of course far to vague for fixing the dating of the Pyramid’s Chronograph.

Later Professor R. A. Proctor of Cambridge re-calculated the matter and arrived at the date as 2140 B.C. Prof. C. Piazzi Smyth of Edinburgh after having checked Proctor’s figures remarked “To which I can only say, for the reasons pointed out… very probably.” It was not until 1938, however, that the leading British astronomical authorities were able to state definitely that the true date was 2141 B.C. in complete agreement with the Great Pyramid’s own dating given over 4,500 years ago, being then recorded nearly 500 years before the said astronomical phenomenon even occurred. The precise time was the Vernal Equinox of 2141 B.C.

So, today, the grand final result is that which a generation ago the consensus of opinion of all the leading authorities in Egyptology, Chronology, and Biblical Archeology was that all the dates we gave from the Great Pyramid’s Chronograph for events in the ancient past were wrong, every one, yet today none of the foremost authorities would contradict a single date as revealed by the Pyramid’s Chronograph. While now agreeing entirely with us in principle, these authorities even now would not attempt to give the precise years of most of those events, yet from the Pyramid, we can, and have, stated the exact dates in every case, because the Great Pyramid’s Chronograph is in advance of modern research.

It will be interesting for Pyramidologists now to lie back and watch the Egyptologists and Archaeologists, in the years that lie ahead, struggling in their research to attain to absolute chronology and, in the end, arriving at these very dates revealed by the Chronograph of the Great Pyramids. Owing to the present rapid advance of scientific research, this happy result will doubtless be achieved in the not to distant future.