6 Interesting Places to Visit in Ulaanbaatar

6 Interesting Places to Visit in Ulaanbaatar

There are some beautiful, one-of-a-kind sites to see on your trip to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Some of the most interesting, not-to-be-missed attractions include: Gandantegchelin Monastery, Manzushir Monastery, Ghorki,-Terelj National Park, Hustai National Park, Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve, and the Chinggis Khan Statue Complex.

Ulaanbaatar, which has been changing location and name for more than twenty times since the 1600’s, is the capital of Mongolia. Currently, the city is a vibrant place with more than a million residents where both a nomadic and modern lifestyle is practiced. The city has much scenery and culture to offer tourists to experience and see.

Gandantegchilen Monastery

Currently an active monastery, this is the only Buddhist monastery left standing today. One of the temples hosts the tallest standing Buddha statue in Central and East Asia and is called the Buddha of Future. Artistic designs and vintage polish rooftops have been well kept for many centuries. Many generations of antiques and historical events have happened in this monastery. Experiencing the history here will surely take you back to and allow you to experience the lifestyle during the 17th Century.

Mazushir Monastery

Located at the southern end of Bogd Khaan National Park, this monastery was built in 1733 and destroyed in 1932 by the communists. Now restored, visitors to this site can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and have the chance to touch the copper bowl that fed 1,000 priests. Travelers can also visit the rock paintings of Taras and the deities overlooking the valley.

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

Named after the Terelj river, this national park is the third largest protected area in Ulaanbaatar. It is the most visited place because of its natural beauty. Visitors can do various outdoor activities such as horseback riding, skiing, camping, mountain biking, hiking, and rafting. This is a beautiful place to discover the park’s scenic mountain rock formation.

Hustai National Park

You can find the last wild horses in the world, called Przewalski’s horses or Takhi, at Hustai-National Park. The park is home to a beautiful grassland and forest landscape. Tourists can catch site of a large herd of gazelles and deer during the early dawn and late afternoon hours. For those who love archeological artifacts, the reserve also has an archeological complex, a nearby Turkic, and Stone Age graves.

Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve

Combined with the natural beauty of mountains, lakes and rivers, this Reserve is one of the most popular Mongolian eco-tour destinations. You can find rare species and endangered wild animals. Currently, there are over 130 Argali sheep living in the reserve. A nomadic lifestyle can be experienced by the visitors staying on the reserve. Tourists can go camping; take pictures; visit nomads; and ride horses, yak or camels. It is a wonderful place for a traveler to relax and learn.

Chinggis Khan Statue Complex

The statue of Chinggis Khan is huge! The statue of Chinggis Khan astride a horse holds a golden whip in his right hand and is just 54km outside of Ulaanbaatar. As one of the most historical sightseeing tourist destinations, visitors can go to the horse’s head on an elevator to find a breathtaking panoramic view of the area.

Carefully planning your visit to Ulaanbaatar will surely make your trip to Mongolia an interesting and unforgettable one. Have a happy trip!