Bermuda Triangle: An Unsolved Mystery?

Bermuda Triangle: An Unsolved Mystery?

What is It?

Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary triangular region present in the Atlantic Ocean near Florida. Its one side is at Florida, other at Bermuda and the 3rd side touches Puerto Rico. It is also called “Devil’s Triangle” due to its unsolved mystery and controversies related to it. Many ships, planes and other vehicles have been said to disappear from the region without a sign, and never returned back. The ships have disappeared in good weather without any signal or message. It is said to be the home of paranormal activities and extraterrestrial beings. It covers around 500,000 sq miles of the area in the ocean. No clue whatsoever of many disappeared planes and ships or people have been found, not even the wreckage. Its borders were first mentioned in 1964 in an article.


In 1918, USS Cyclops, a 500 ft long US ship in World War 1 carrying over 300 men and tons of manganese ore for the production of ammo disappeared without any clue in the area within Bermuda Triangle without any clue, or message from any passenger on board or from the crew of the ship. The ship is also said to be captured by the army forces because it was carrying a lot of manganese ore. But no theory or concept has been verified for what happened to the ship. Some also say that it sank somewhere in storm but there is no proof of any saying or theory.

The most famous incident of the Devil’s triangle occurred in December, 1945 when five navy planes carrying 14 men disappeared in this area. The planes lost their direction and their compass stopped working. “I can see the sky under me” “I don’t know where I am going” said the pilots. On the very same day, the rescue plane that was sent for looking after these planes also disappeared in the triangle without a clue of any person.

On December 28, 1948, Douglas DC-3 aircraft vanished in the area while on a flight to Miami. No clue or sign of the plane or 32 people aboard has been found by anyone. According to a theory, the plane went low on battery and hence crashed into the area. Because the system of the plane worked on a magneto igniter instead of a battery system, the theory was not very powerful.
There are many other cases of disappearances not mentioned here to be short and precise!


There have been many proposed theories to the Bermuda Triangle but none of them is convincing enough to believe. No concept have been verified regarding the area.

Many people explain the triangle as a supernatural area and state logics according to the supernatural concept. For example some say it is the work of aliens while other blame “unexplained forces” for the disappearances in the area.

According to natural theories, many people claim that the ships and planes lose their compass because of some sort of magnetic anomaly present in the area.

Some people claim the major surface current is responsible for the mysterious incidents occurring in the area.

Many people hold bad weather responsible for the disappearances of the ships and planes in Devil’s triangle.