Cheap Flight Tips to Brazil

If you are planning on cheap flights to Brazil, one of the things you need to realize is that flying to this country is not as cheap as some other destinations, this is because of the country’s rising popularity. There are however some things you can do to help secure your cheap flight to Brazil.

If you’re flying from the US, there are many direct flights you can take from different departures for example Miami or Atlanta. Miami is usually the cheapest airport to fly from attributed to the fact that there are so many Brazilian immigrants living within the Miami area. In fact a little tip here is to search online for travel agencies in the State of Florida (most are in Miami anyway) as they often have good deals on flying to Brazil.

For Canadians however it’s a little bit more difficult because Canadians can only fly directly from Toronto. A cheap flying tip here is to investigate the possibility to fly to an American city that has a Brazil connection.

For Europeans it is much easier to find cheap flights to Brazil, as there are many cities to fly out of , on often direct flights. Further, for European travelers, Lisbon is the best choice because there are more flights to Brazil from the Portuguese capital than anywhere else, and it is often cheaper flying from another European City to Lisbon for a connecting flight to Brazil. 

One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is the charter flight option to Brazil as these offer some really cheap flights to Brazil that should be taken advantage of. A tip here is to consider flying to to cities other than Rio or Sao Paulo. 

If you really do some research you’re going to find there are many variations of cheap flights to Brazil and the secret is always to do your research and not just settle for the first deal that comes your way. If possible, try to keep yourself flexible as to time and once again going in the off seasons means you’re going to find that you are going to get substantial savings. 

And my final tip for a cheap flight to Brazil is to consider flying to the 2 main cities of Rio or Sao Paulo and booking your own domestic flight at the airport. It is much cheaper than booking Brazil domestic flights online. For instance if you wanted to fly from Miami to Recife but find the flight cost expensive. Consider flying from Miami to Rio then booking an in-country connection to Recife. 

Even when the economy is in downturn you can still get great cheap flights to Brazil []. The airlines want to encourage people to use their services and they will do so with incentives.