Complete Guide To Build a Car Booking App

Complete Guide To Build a Car Booking App

Car renting services have grown at a huge rate generating some billions of dollars. While there’s no stopping of its growth in future, the increasing use of mobile phones has made the travel/carpooling companies think of a mobile app to make their services more accessible. By providing the facility to book a car online anytime from any location with a few taps of their fingers, those companies can surely raise their revenue.

When mobile app development is expanding the scopes of businesses and driving ROI. it is time to make your car rental business go mobile with a great, responsive app. If you are wondering how to make an app, here is an ultimate guide for you. It gives you a glimpse of all the features without which a car rental app is not complete.

User sign-up

The first feature is the user sign-up or registration which is necessary to help every user/cab rider driver maintain their profile with basic details like name, address, regular pickup locations favourite destinations, preferred payment modes and so forth. The registration method should be highly authorised with either the email account or social login of the users. With all these vital details fetched from the users, it is necessary to maintain data security of the app.

GPS navigation

The second primary feature is geolocation integration in the app. The GPS feature will let the riders find the cabs available at their proximate location On the other hand, the drivers will find out the exact pick-up location on the map and easiest navigation route to it.

Clear list for cab availabilities

The users can view of list of the cabs available for riding including the car types (premium, ordinary sedan and SUVs). You can also add additional criteria for it which brand of the car, car seats, fuel efficiency and mileage. costs/km, users ratings, and so on.

Cab and driver details

As soon as a customer book a ride he or she should receive a details card on the app about the car and its driver. It should provide the following details: the car model and number, driver’s name and photo ID, number of seats, contact number and driver’s user ratings. This is necessary to build trust in the riders and authorise the drivers.

Fare rate calculator

This is a unique but most-needed feature of a car rental app. A special algorithm works behind this feature of fare calculation. It will help the potential riders to have a close estimation of the fare for their rides depending on the total distance, the time required to travel and car mileage.

Booking log and history

A clear log of the trips taken will help the users to simply tap and avail any ride again. Besides, a collective ist of bookings which includes the current booking will also allow the users to either change the ride destination, add more stops or cancel it.

Multiple payment modes

Power your app with more than one payment modes so that the customers or riders have the flexibility to pay. Include most of the popular methods of payments i.e. cash-on-delivery, credit/debit cards, third-party payments and mobile wallets.

While these are the must-have features for a car-rental app, there are many other aspects to consider like push-notifications, customer review and ratings, Cashback and other loyalty rewards. A car rental app will help the pool car agencies grow their services by providing on-demand booking facilities. So, if you are one of them, having an app will give your services competitive advantages and make your business more profitable.