Ellie Drake’s Netweb Marketing – Is MLM Or Network Marketing Dying?

Ellie Drake’s Netweb Marketing – Is MLM Or Network Marketing Dying?

According to Ellie Drake and Mike Filsaime the old ways of Network Marketing are dying. They produced an E-book recently, called “The Death of Network Marketing.” In the book, Ellie does a good job explaining why she feels that the old ways of building a network marketing business will die.

One of the prime examples she used in her book was the travel industry. In the past, travel agents were highly used. People would book their travel arrangements through a travel agent because they knew they would get the best deal. However, with the introduction of travelocity.com, expedia.com and a multitude of other travel websites, people can now book online from the comfort of their own home and save money. This literally destroyed the travel industry of the past. Another example Ellie used was the movie industry. Websites like netflix.com hurt blockbuster by allowing customers to rent movies online cheaper than blockbuster.

These are just two examples of how industry’s have been hurt through the power of online websites. There has been a shift in MLM. Ellie Drake and Mike Filsaime have called it NetWeb Marketing. With the introduction of Youtube.com, Myspace.com, Squidoo.com, and other social networking websites, they have allowed people to connect and build relationships online. Ellie’s major point in writing the death of network marketing is that MLM company’s are either going to have to shift to netweb marketing or lose their competitive edge in the market place.

This makes a lot of sense to me as an Internet Marketer. I have been using websites like MySpace and YouTube to help grow my downline and prospect’s. Social Networking websites have allowed me to build relationships. These relationships have been crucial to my network marketing business. The old days of the 3 foot rule and cold calling are slowly dying. I used to use these techniques with little success. The biggest thing people need to realize is that cold calling and the 3 foot rule are not duplicatable on a massive scale. People are not going to cold call strangers and face massive rejection for long. I believe people will continue to use the traditional ways of doing network marketing for some time, however it’s going to be harder and harder to grow a stable long term business using these techniques.

Ellie Drake makes a lot of sense when she talks about the “attrition” factor in MLM. It is a huge problem and has been for years. Think about how the attrition factor has been maximized because of the Internet. Many new associates get discouraged shortly in their businesses when they are not making the money they hoped for or it isn’t coming as easy as they had envisioned. These new associates go to the Internet and do a Google search and see thousands of other websites offering advice and new systems promising an easier road. The brand new associate begins to listen to other mentors and soon quits their company and try another one or gives up completely and calls the whole network marketing industry a scam. A new network marketing junky is born. Attrition has now been maximized. We have to do a darn good job building systems that produce, so that we can keep our associates attentions.

I agree with Ellie Drake and Mike Filsaime that we are rapidly moving from Network Marketing to Netweb marketing. I feel it is a perfect time for entrepreneurs like Ellie Drake and Mike Filsaime to educate the Network Marketing Industry on a massive scale before it’s too late.

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