Keep Carving With These Great Ski Apps

Keep Carving With These Great Ski Apps

Cooking, banking, exercising and even parenting, you’ve guessed it: there’s an app for that. But what you might not know is that there are a whole host of useful and, at times, even lifesaving apps available for iPhone and Android. Here is a guide to the best out there right now so you can be ‘appy’ skiing in no time, or just pretend you’re there already with the snow simulator app on Google Play.

Now, as fun as skiing can be, it can throw up a multitude of issues, even in this day and age with the numerous snow-focused gadgets and gizmos on the market. Anything from taking a picture on your phone to the weather can prove difficult on the slopes, and whilst conditions can’t be helped, these ski apps can tackle some of the most annoying of ski problems.

The SkiPhone app, which is free for Android, takes away the oh-so-aggravating task of fumbling with your phone in gloves to take a call. After downloading this app, all you have to do is shake your device and you can answer calls and take photos.

Snow reports are a must daily, and the Ski Club Snow Reports app gives you the most respected snow reports from over 250 resorts around the world for free. At £3.99 for iOS, the Ski:Europe app does cost you, but it also provides you with the best ski maps for European resorts on the market.

Finally, we have the Vapp app – the voice-activated camera app that turns the problems of clumsy glove-handed photo taking into a thing of the past and, even better, it’s free on iOS.

Now, it is common knowledge that skiing may not be the safest of outdoor pursuits, so anything that can make your holiday safer is a worthy investment. The Ullr Labs Mobile Avalanche Safety Tools app is top of the range and, while coming with the relatively hefty price tag of £6.99, available on both android and iOS, it guarantees to keep you in the know of avalanche forecasts, snowpack information and much more.

Then, on a lighter note, there are the ski apps that are just there for good, old fashioned fun.

The free iOS Action Shot app allows you to capture your amazing snow skills by taking photos in intervals and bursts, where you can decide how many are taken and how often, to create the ultimate action shots to bring home to your friends.

SnowEdge, meanwhile, is the free iOS app that allows you to track your performance by monitoring your turn acceleration speed and even the time you spend in the air, which will perfect for those looking to improve – or brag about – their skills.

These are just a handful of the helpful and fun ski apps available on the market so, if you are busy preparing for your annual ski holiday, put down the suitcase and pick up your phone to start downloading. Ski preparation now starts in your pocket, not at the airport.