MySpace Music – Killer MySpace Marketing For Artists

MySpace Music – Killer MySpace Marketing For Artists

Since MySpace Music came into existence it has increasingly become an incredibly important marketing tool for musicians. I’m sure by now the majority of you reading this article know the basics and functions of MySpace Music – let’s get to how you as a musician can get the most out of the networking website.

No matter your genre you can use MySpace Music as a platform to get your music heard. Create a MySpace Band Profile and begin uploading your music. Once you have selected some of your best material you would like to present, make sure you upload some pictures of yourself or your band.

Add Friends – Not Just Anyone!

Don’t rush to get your music heard by as many people as possible. What you are trying to do is develop a solid fan base that will consistently visit your MySpace Music page. Make sure your not just sending out random friend requests. Initially you should target individuals who maybe share similar music tastes. Maybe their profile song is a band that has a similar sound or is in a similar genre that your band is in. Target individuals in cities that your upcoming shows are located in!

Always keep your fans updated!

Once you have established a solid amount of friends and consistent visitors, make sure you keep your fans updated. You don’t want your friends to lose interest in you, so stay on top of your game! Make sure you add value to your page to keep the visitor coming back. Keep your tour dates and upcoming shows up to date. Upload videos such as performances and music videos through both MySpace Music and Youtube. Brainstorm some creative ideas for videos you can upload. Show something on a little more personal side such as you or your band joking around or recording in the studio. This helps create a special connection between you and your visitors. You should also allow your songs to be added to visitor’s profiles. Your music may in turn spark interest in someone visiting their profiles.

Customizable Profile

When creating a band page it is important to present yourself in a professional manner and this is where customizing your MySpace Music profile comes in handy. Your MySpace Band Page is easily customizable. If you are not too familiar with HTML than maybe you should do a quick Google search for some basic HTML codes such as background color changes or other layout elements. If you do not wish to customize every aspect of your page yourself, nowadays there are websites all over the web that offer FREE MySpace Layouts or templates. All you need to do is copy and paste the HTML code of the layout offered at these websites into your MySpace Bio. Make sure there is a consistent color theme throughout your Profile. Keep your page easy on the eyes and match your Profile colors with photos of you or your band.


MySpace Comments are very significant when promoting yourself on MySpace Music. As soon as someone adds you as a friend or accepts your friend requests make sure you comment their profile page with a special thank you. Use their name directly so that it feels more personal and make them aware that you will be frequently updating your page and that they should check back. You may even want to create a small graphic to post in their comments so that your post is more visually engaging. Those visiting their profiles may come across your comment and check out your page out of curiosity.

MySpace Blogs & Bulletins

Blogging on MySpace is yet another vital feature that can be used as a promotional tool for you or your band. These blogs can sometimes be personal, letting your visitors know what you did that day or journaling significant events that you’ve been through as an artist. However you can also use your blog as a news update for your visitors. Make your visitors aware of upcoming shows or events. Make sure your blog titles are eye-catching! When promoting yourself on MySpace Music you should also consider the Bulletin feature. You should send out bulletins to your friends list making them aware of upcoming shows, newly uploaded videos/music, and other important and news surrounding you or your band. However be careful not to abuse this feature! Too many posts too soon can have the opposite effect you are going for when attracting visitors to your page.


After you have a successfully running MySpace Music page don’t forget to promote it as much as possible! At the end of your gigs make sure to remind your audience of the name of your MySpace page. Let them know that it is on your page where they can find more information about your band. Include your MySpace address on any outside promotional tool such as business cards, t-shirts, or demo CD’s.