Negril Jamaica Weather

Negril is a large town located on the Western end of the island of Jamaica. It is famous for its natural waterfalls and beautiful sandy beaches. Each year tens of thousands of travelers make their way to Negril and many travelers marvel at it’s natural beauty. Because Negril is located on the western end of the island, it’s pristine sandy beaches run for many miles along the coastline. The word Negril has its origins in Spanish. The definitive meaning behind the name has been long lost.

Travelers to Negril, Jamaica will undoubtedly want to learn more about Negril before venturing there. The weather in Negril, Jamaica is hot for much of the year with temperatures often reaching into the upper eighties to lower ninety degree Fahrenheit range. Because the temperature in Negril is generally hot, there are many outdoor activities to partake in in Negril. As a matter of fact, many of these outdoor activities involve water because of Negrils location and the ready availability of beaches, waterfalls and pools. Negril is perfect for swimming, diving and such activities.

One of the easiest ways for a foreigner to get to Negril, when visiting Jamaica, is to choose an arrival flight which lands at the airport in Montego Bay and then to take a taxi, bus or car to Negril.

Although the Negril Jamaica Weather forecast is generally quite good for much of the year, please be aware that between the months of June to about November (and sometimes December) there are usually heavy rains in Negril. It is especially during these months (June to November) that the heavy rains are accompanied by very strong winds which can escalate into hurricanes. Listening to the weather forecast and keeping informed of the local weather in Jamaica is of utmost importance during this time of year, if you are planning to visit the island. When or if there is a hurricane in Negril (or for that matter in Jamaica) expect life in Jamaica to grind to a halt with many businesses and places being closed. The airports most likely will also be closed and many, if not all, flights will be canceled during a hurricane.

The weather in Negril Jamaica is quite warm for much of the year so plan on taking along light clothing. Each year tens of thousands of travelers make their way to Negril and many marvel at its natural beauty. Because Negril is located on the western most coast of the island it’s beautiful sandy beaches stretch for many miles along the coastline. Before heading to Negril, Jamaica be certain to follow the weather reports concerning the Negril Jamaica weather so that you will know what type of weather conditions to expect. The following should also be taken into consideration: bring your sense of adventure and be prepared to enjoy yourself in Negril.