Planning a Family Trip to Palawan

Planning a Family Trip to Palawan

Establishing good family ties is a must. Even if a family gets to eat meals together at home, going for out-of-town vacations is also healthy for every family member. It is a great opportunity to discover more things about one another. Discussions over delicious meals at home usually consist of work-related stories, stressful tasks in school, and other serious matters. Vacations can help families bond in a fun and carefree environment.

Palawan’s popularity has increased over the years. The Underground River in Puerto Princesa, the rock formations in El Nido, and the wonderful islands of Coron have helped it become a dream destination for both individual and group travelers. Anyone who is planning a trip to Palawan can choose from any of these locations. Because of the delicious food, adventure, education, and culture here, any family will surely enjoy everything that a trip to Palawan has to offer.

Puerto Princesa

Aside from the popular Underground River, there are many other places suitable for families. Children will have fun in the Crocodile Farm and Mitra’s Ranch. The Crocodile Farm houses some of the largest crocodiles in the Philippines. Tourists can also feed the reptiles with chicken meat that can be bought inside the farm. Mitra’s Ranch is a nice place to enjoy the fresh air of Palawan. It is a very spacious site where groups can take wacky photos while hanging out in the benches. The Honda Bay tour is also a must. Children will enjoy the many colorful fishes and corals in every island included in the tour. A trip to Palawan is always worthwhile in Puerto Princesa.


A Coron vacation also involves island hopping. Tourists can visit its unique islands such as Siete Pecados and the Shipwreck. A family trip to Palawan proves to be a good opportunity to see and feed colorful fishes in Coron. Snorkeling is also a fun family activity because of the many extraordinary sights underwater. Families can also tour the city. Mount Tapyas offers a 360-degree view of Coron while the Maquinit Hot springs lets visitors enjoy its naturally warm and soothing waters.

El Nido

El Nido serves as the site for several world-class resorts. But, it does not mean that a vacation here would cost much. There are also affordable and comfortable hotels perfect for families to stay in. El Nido would expose one to the magnificent lagoons, caves, and trekking sites all around the place. It is also a very good diving spot because of the rich marine life underneath.

A family trip to Palawan will surely be a good bonding experience. Whether it is in Puerto Princesa, Coron, or El Nido, families will bring with them wonderful memories and tighter relationships.