Pre-Trip Check List

Do you need a pre-trip check list?

Here are my suggestions to get you started…

One month ahead:

If you don’t already have one, set up an email address to stay in touch. To stay in contact world-wide, I use a Yahoo email address. Since Yahoo is accessible from any computer in the world, so is my email. If you are setting up a new account, use only letters and numbers for your ID and password. Build your Contact list. There have been times I’ve had problems finding symbols on foreign keyboards including the @ sign.

I scan my important documents and email them to my Yahoo address. If I need a copy, I can access them through my email account

Make sure your ATM card uses a 4 digit pin. And learn your pin by the numbers, not letters. Many international ATM machines have only digits on them.

Call your bank and credit card companies and let them know you’ll be away and where. Carry more than one credit card in case of an emergency.

For a money pouch, I use Magellan’s Deluxe Secret Waist Wallet. I find it very comfortable and easily accessible.

Be sure to check the condition of your luggage and replace it if necessary. Distinguish it in some way: yarn bow on the handles, colored tape along the sides, neon luggage straps

Make copies of your itinerary to put into your suitcase.

Learn how to make overseas calls from the country you will be visiting. If you want to take your cell phone, call your cell phone provider for information.

If you have a pet, make pet sitting arrangements.

Confirm all your reservations. If this is a car trip, take your car in for a checkup.

Check your wardrobe. Do you have the right clothes for your trip? If not, time to go shopping

One week ahead:

Put your newspaper on vacation stop.

Put your mail on hold or arrange for someone to pick it up.

Prepare emergency contact information to leave with friends and neighbors.

Check your medications. Do you have enough for the trip plus any emergency delays?

Traveling by public transportation? Arrange your ride to the airport/train/port/etc.

Gather all of your documents into one place. Put copies in another place.

Get your camera and accessories ready. Include your camera manual and extra batteries or rechargeable batteries with the charger. Read the small print on the back of your charger.
Most charges will now work with dual currents and you only need to bring outlet adapters.

Two days ahead:

Attach your lights to timers.

Put together a ‘keep busy’ kit for you and everyone traveling with you: books, puzzles, toys, etc

Check out the weather, at your destination, to make sure you are bringing the right clothes.

Eat or give away the perishables that are in your refrigerator.

Your carry on bag should be packed with medications and anything else that will not be easily replaceable at your destination.

Prepare the cash for your trip. If traveling domestically, traveler’s checks are OK but internationally they can be very hard to convert. The ATM machine, in general, is the best way to get local currency

One day ahead:

Take your pet to the kennel, or if staying in the house, confirm arrangements with pet sitter.

Water your plants.

Adjust the a/c or heat appropriately

If traveling domestically, print out your boarding passes.

Include some snacks in your carryon, especially if traveling in the US where the airlines don’t feed us anymore.

Set your alarm and get a good night’s sleep.