Travel to the Natural Beauty of the Ocean and Mountains

Travel to the Natural Beauty of the Ocean and Mountains

One of the most popular states for tourists in America is definitely California. California is located on the western coast of the United States and is one of the largest states in the country. Stretching along the Pacific Ocean, there are many great cities and attractions in California to keep travelers and tourists very busy. No matter what section you visit in this vast state, you are sure to find something appealing to do.

The geography of California is amazingly diverse and offers many different wonderful opportunities. There is, naturally, the ocean, which runs along its entire western border. Along the Pacific Ocean in California are thousands of phenomenal beaches where people can participate in any variety and kind of water sports or entertainment imaginable. From the surfing and large waves of San Diego, up to the breezy and beautiful coast near San Francisco, the ocean is an integral part of California’s famous appeal.

Another much loved feature of California and its geography are its mountains. The Sierra Madre mountains are located in California, and offer many fabulous opportunities for a wide array of outdoor fun. People flock to the mountains of California for hiking, camping, rock climbing and just to view and commune with nature. There are many fantastic national and state parks in California, which provide visitors with great ways to see and get to know the natural beauty of this wonderful state.

One of the most famous cities in California is definitely Los Angeles. This is also where Hollywood is located, and most of the biggest movies and films in the world are filmed and produced in Hollywood, California. Visitors love coming to Hollywood and Los Angeles to tour the major movie studios and maybe catch a glimpse of one of their favorite actors or actresses. It is also possible to find a tour of famous area landmarks and even celebrity homes. This way, you can see where various famous actors and actresses live in and around Los Angeles, California. This is a very popular activity in the area.

Also, northern California is a great destination because of its famous trees. Redwood National Park in California is a fantastic place to come and see some of the world’s largest and tallest trees. These trees are called redwoods and sequoias and are wonderful to check out. Coming to this part of California can afford you with many great photo opportunities; taking a picture next to a giant redwood will show your friends and family back home how truly imposing these trees really are.

San Francisco is also a big tourist spot in California. It boasts an incredibly fascinating history and famously hilly streets and roads. The iconic Golden Gate Bridge is located in San Francisco. If you are able to stop at this city while visiting California, it will be well worth your time because there is a wonderful amount of things to see and do here. The weather in San Francisco is generally quite good, also, making it a good place to visit at all different times of the year.