Keep Shoppers Excited About Your Store and the Dollar Store Items You Sell

Keep Shoppers Excited About Your Store and the Dollar Store Items You Sell

Half the fun of going to a dollar store is finding great items you never knew could be at such a bargain price. It’s like going on a shopping treasure hunt that’s available to anyone regardless of the size of the bank account. Dollar stores allow people on a limited budget to make a frivolous purchase or find items that keep more money in the budget for later. In some ways, it’s similar to going to garage sales, but all the items are new and alluring.

You can keep the excitement of the dollar store continually beckoning by finding new items to carry with drastically reduced prices. Of course, don’t forget the day-to-day supplies and the consumables that many of your clients return for weekly. You can even create more interest by adding to your supply of consumables. Sometimes, just adding a name brand toothpaste or deodorant can make a big hit with many of your shoppers.

Of course, accomplishing this task means you have to find additional suppliers and occasionally use liquidation items. Finding great liquidation wholesalers can be as much fun for you as it is for your shoppers. You may have to try several vendors before you find one or two that can supply you with primo merchandise you’ll be delighted to sell, but once you find your suppliers, your customers will love returning to the store just to see what items you have available.

Of course, there are other ways to keep your customers’ shopping experience fun and exciting. The way you display items and your décor can bring a lively sense of pleasure and fun to the store. Keeping your displays attractive and brightly colored, almost party-like, is one way to add to the shopping experience. Displaying items almost reaching the ceiling not only saves storage space and maximizes the upper elevations of your square footage, it also makes your store look dazzling and festive, particularly when you add brightly colored signs and other décor.

Great window displays, special holiday areas and discounted specials can keep your customers coming back for more. You can also have special events and drawing to make your store the place to go for a day of shopping. While some shoppers already shop as a form of entertainment, you can attract those who never think of shopping as fun and make your store the one place they enjoy going. It won’t take a lot of money, just a lot of creativity on your part to bring them into your store the first time and keep them coming back for more.