Marketing Ideas for Your Dollar Store Business

Marketing Ideas for Your Dollar Store Business

Marketing is a major concern and should be a major focus of any dollar store business owner. There is a lot of competition in this market from other dollar stores and even from traditional retail stores. Dollar stores have one unique advantage over traditional stores and that is price. But this alone is not enough to bring in customers.

When it comes to marketing a dollar store you must be sure your customers know a few things. They need to know what dollar store items you have in your store. They need to know the pricing. They also need to know the details about your store such as location and store hours. If you fail to get the word out about these three things then you will notice it can be difficult to get customers into your store.


Many people who shop at a dollar store business do so because they know they can get the items they need for less money. How do these people know that your store carries the item they want? Most likely they saw it in an advertisement. If you fail to let your customers know what items you are selling then they won’t come to your store to buy them.

Customers may be unaware that your store sells brand name items. This is why when you get in a new item you should advertise it. You want people to know you are selling the specific items they may be looking for.

A large part of your advertising should be focused on letting your customers know what items you are selling. Including pictures in your ads really helps. Also be sure to include brand names if you are selling brand name merchandise.


Another main part of any advertising you do is to highlight the price. You may want to put out some ads that compare the price someone will pay for an item at your store compared to buying it elsewhere. Showing customers the great deal they are getting really drives them into your store.

Pricing is a huge sales point for this type of store. Take advantage of it. You have to make sure people know just how much they can save by shopping at your store.

Store Details

Customers can’t shop at a store if they don’t know where it is located or what time it is open. You should always include your store address, phone number and hours of operation in your regular ads. Special ads do not need as much information. However, if you send out a weekly ad make sure to have this information on there.

Marketing your business is about capitalizing on what makes your store unique. This is usually going to be your dollar store items and pricing. You want customers to see what you are selling and to see why they should buy it from you. You have to advertise the merchandise you have and the prices you are offering so people see that you are offering them a great deal. This will be motivation for them to come shop at your dollar store business versus a competitor’s store.